Frequently Asked Questions

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Check your spam/junk folder, if there is nothing there give us a ring on 01934 862295 or email us via the contact us page.
Do you need to extend your parking?
If you need to extend your parking with us whilst you are away this can be done by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: This option is only available for customers who have an existing booking with us and wish to extend their parking (customers who have an open-ended booking or need to extend their parking due to unforeseen circumstances). This is NOT a way of booking NEW parking, any payments for parking made through this link will not be valid without an existing booking and we hold the right to refuse your parking if your booking is not valid.
My vehicle details have changed; do I need to let you know?
All you have to do is amend the vehicles details on your printed out ticket with a pen. If you have asked us to print your ticket you can just let us know the changed details when you arrive.
How far away from the airport are you?
We are 2.3 miles away from the airport; this is approximately a 7 minute bus journey.
How do I book in more than one vehicle?
Each vehicle has to been booked in separately as we like to keep each driver responsible for their own vehicle.
How long will I have to wait for my airport transfer?
We aim to not keep anyone waiting at the farm/airport for longer than 20 minutes.
My flight departs/arrives in the middle of the night, is this okay?
Yes this is absolutely fine, we operate 24 hours a day.
My flight departs/arrives in the middle of the night. Is there a close hotel/B&B you would recommend?
Our accommodation partner The George at Backwell is just a 10 minute drive down the road from us. With locally sourced food in the restaurant and comfortable reasonably priced rooms it is perfect for a stress free stay before or after your holiday. Find out more information at
What time should I arrive at the farm?
Bristol airport recommends arriving 2 hours before your flight so we recommend arriving with us 2 ½ hours before your flight.
Can I change my arrival time?
Yes, just send us an email via the contact us section of the website.
I have a baby/young child, do you provide car seats?
As we run private hire vehicles there are no laws regarding child seats and it is completely up to you. If you wish to use your car seat on the journey this is fine, we can look after it at the farm while you are away and bring it with us when we come to pick you up on your return.
Do I need to include babies/toddlers in the number of people travelling?
Yes, by law we need to know exactly how many people are travelling on the bus regardless of age.
I have booked online and accidently given you the wrong return date/time, how can I amend this?
All you have to do is amend the details with a pen on your printed out ticket. If the amended return time is more than 24 hours later than the original one the charge is £3 extra per day.
I would like to park a commercial vehicle, or a motor home
because of limitations on spaces we ask that if you would like to park any large vehicle to give us a call before you make the booking to check availability, if we have space then we would ask that you make 2 bookings for the same vehicle as they tend to take up 2 valuable spaces

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If you would like to book parking for a commercial vehicle, or Motorhome please call 01934 862 295 to check for availability.

How many people will be arriving?
When will you be arriving?

We suggest you arrive 2-3 hours before your flight time or 30 mins before your first check-in time

How many people will be returning?
When will you be landing?

Check your flight details for the landing time

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